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dude i am soo frustrated.
i'm switching my blog to a blogspot blog.
livejournal is so obnoxious.
i'll post the link up in a second.
i'm not going to delete this blog.
i'm just going to stop posting to it.

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The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

(this isn't the real cover, but this is the cover of the self-published version of 'The Lace Reader,' when Brunonia and her husband did it themselves. i like this cover a lot.)

The Lace Reader

by Brunonia Barry

Grade: A (+++++++++) for just complete Awe


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved ‘The Lace Reader’ by Brunonia Barry. I found out about her from Barnes & Noble, because they were holding an event, and I love author events. So I asked my mom if we could go. And we did.

When I met Brunonia, I was really nervous. I always am, even if I don’t know much about the person I’m about to meet. But she was really sweet, and I was really shy.

Now, let’s get to the book.

It’s an adult book for a few reasons, probably.

There’s a little sexual content, a lot of violence, and just loads of comprehension. Some parts of the book are a little foggy in my head, but there are certain things that have stuck with me, even though I read this book such a long time ago.

Towner, or Sophya, has returned to Salem from California because Eva (who I’m pretty sure is her great-aunt) has disappeared.

They are Lace Readers.

These people can tell the future by seeing patterns in lace.

I think that is just completely fascinating.

Towner stays in Eva’s house, and has a lot of memories about what it was like being in this house all the time when she was younger.

This whole book in general is insanely moving. It’s so touching and…suspenseful.

Brunonia Barry juggles suspense and a developing love story perfectly.

Oh, did I say a developing love story?

I’m not very subtle, am I?

Towner falls in love with a cop whose name Rafferty. He has a young daughter, and a wife who’s become a Calvinist.

That’s another storyline entirely.

Calvinism is a real religion, and the leader of the Calvinists in Salem is a pig named Cal. No, he’s not an actual pig. He’s just a jerk.

He has a lot of history with Eva.

Who is still missing.

Would you like to hear about another storyline?


There’s the island her mother lives on. Everything that has gone on there. All these memories torture Towner, and she just begins to lose it.

There are a lot of storylines to follow, but Brunonia ties them all up perfectly in the end.

You will not expect the ending.

Trust me.

Well, maybe don’t. I never see the endings of books coming, because I’m really gullible.

But this book had the greatest ending out of every book I’ve ever read.

I was crying so hard I could barely breathe.

Towner is a beautiful person, who is just so tortured and guilty about her past.

Her past is another storyline entirely.

But I’ll let you figure that out yourself.

Three words. Read. This. Book.

You will not regret it.

I don’t.

so there's my review.
tomorrow i'm going to review 'Gingerbread' by Rachel Cohn...
Thanks for reading.

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson.


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Grade- A (+++) for Awesome.


I seriously didn’t think Laurie Halse Anderson could ever top ‘Speak.’

Twisted is a great book. And, even though it didn’t top ‘Speak,’ it’s pretty damn good.

Tyler has done a terrible thing.

He’s a terrible kid.

Well…that’s what everyone thinks.

The inside flap just says ‘Everybody told me to be a man. Nobody told me how.’

From those two sentences, you can tell how insecure Tyler is. Over the course of the book, his self confidence does go up.

‘Corporate Tool’ is what Tyler calls his father. Like in ‘Speak,’ how Andy Evans was the typical high school jock, Tyler’s dad is a typical asshole father. He’s uptight, impatient, and rude.

To let you know, I read this book an insanely long time ago. I cannot remember for the life of me everything that happened. I just remember how great this book is.

Bethany is also another one of those stereotypical popular girls. She’s sweet, gorgeous, yet very deceitful. Tyler is in love with her.

Tyler’s mom is also insecure. Right towards the beginning, Tyler casually mentions how she smells faintly of gin, and how fake her smile is. That reminds me of Kate’s dad in ‘Perfect You’ by Elizabeth Scott. I’ll review that eventually.

Sorry, I’m going off topic.

Throughout the novel, Tyler’s self-confidence grows. His relationship with Bethany also grows. Tyler becomes a smarter, wiser, less-naive person.

Hannah, Tyler’s sister, also fits the stereotype. She’s a teenage girl who acts like she is comfortable in her skin even though she isn’t, at all.

Chip, Bethany’s sister, is evil. He’s trying to protect Bethany. But Tyler isn’t a monster.

‘Twisted’ is a masterpiece.

My review doesn’t do the book justice.

Sorry if this is lacking detail and stuff, I just read this so long ago.

alright. sorry that's such a shitty review.
i've had a rough morning. i'll blog about it eventually.
thanks for reading.


ps- i'm on the YA Blogosphere!
and i emailed the Story Siren to get put on the YA Book Blog Directory.
i'm going to go shower now... :)

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

I know i just said I was going to wait until tomorrow to review this, but i'm bored.
So i'm reviewing it now.
Here we go...


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Grade: A(+++++++++) for Amazing.


Speak is a phenomenal book. Laurie Halse Anderson is a phenomenal writer. Her writing captures how a teenager’s mind actually functions so perfectly. Being a teenager myself, I can tell you that Laurie Halse Anderson has written a story that is so relatable it’s barely believable. What happened to Melinda the summer before ninth grade hasn’t happened to me, but how she feels in the aftermath I’ve definitely felt before.

Her friends are cold. That has happened to me many, many times. You make one little mistake and they just turn on you. Of course they come back. But it’s never the same.

In the ‘First Marking Period,’ Melinda is raw and emotional. A lot of funny things happen in this part, like they do in the rest of the book. But there are also a lot of not so funny things that happen. Like ‘It.’ He’s not funny. He is the stereotype of a typical jock asshole. And the sad thing is that there’s so many of them in the world.

In the ‘Second Marking Period,’ I feel like Melinda’s self confidence seems to grow a little. She just sort of goes through the motions of life, and realizes that now that Heather has begun hanging out with the Martha’s, there’s only so much time before she ditches her. Heather always really bugged me. She always seemed really obnoxious and immature to me.

There are two things that happen right at the end of this part of the novel that seem insanely important to me. When Melinda restarts her tree, it’s like she’s finally realized that she just has to restart and move on. The other thing is when Mr. Freeman ruins his painting. The fiercely independent, rebellious painting he put his all in to.

In the ‘Third Marking Period,’ the most important part of the book happens. Melinda recalls the night of the party, and it’s just so intense that even thinking about it is giving me the chills. Andy, or ‘It,’ just makes me want to rip my hair out. I remember crying when I finished this part.

I love David Petrakis. I just thought I’d add that in.

In the ‘Fourth Marking Period,’ I think Melinda makes huge amounts of progress. She starts standing up for herself, and she finally tells Rachel what really happened that night. Even though Rachel doesn’t take it the way Melinda hoped she would, at least they spoke to each other.

The scene in Melinda’s school-closet with Andy is also another intense scene. I think I cried when I read that part too.

The ending is brilliant. It is just the greatest way to end the novel, and I wouldn’t have changed it at all.

Now…let’s talk about the Lifetime movie.

It’s good, but it’s nothing compared to this book.

I love Kirsten Stewart, I really do, and I think she was perfect as Melinda. The movie was really well cast, in my opinion. But, there’s just something about the book.

Laurie Halse Anderson had me right from the beginning, and I was perfectly willing to go along for the ride that led to Melinda’s eventual self-discovery.

alright...that's my review.
it's my first one in a long time.
i'll get better eventually.
i have faith in myself.
that's a first.

thanks for reading.

Ps- tomorrow...Twisted.

the future, yo. :)

it's me, robby.
i've made some changes.

i've decided to become a book blogger.
i know, i always start something, and then abandon it.
but i'm serious about this.
for now, at least...

i'm going to start tomorrow.
every time i finish a book, i'm going to review it.
i'm going to review books i've already read, too.
eventually, i'll catch up with myself.
but i've read A LOT of books.

i think after i've been reviewing books for a while,
i'll join the YA Book Blog Directory.
maybe i'll hold contests.
first i need to get some readers...

i don't know the first book i'm going to review.
i'm just about to start Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning.

i'm probably going to keep blogging about current events in my life.
so this blog will be for two things.
and book blogging.

can i vent now?

last night, i slept over my friend emily's house.
it was fun...for a while.
eventually, it wasn't so fun.
her boyfriend said stuff,
and it just went too far.
he made me cry.
and i still feel stupid about it.
i'm not really going to go into it,
but it just wasn't cool at all.

i'm getting my progress report for the 4th quarter on tuesday.
i have science MCAS monday aaaannndddd tuesday.

i'm ordering Unsticky and Sealed With A Kiss (both by Sarra Manning) from the UK.
Unsticky hasn't been published in the US,
and SWAK (lol...) is out of print in the US.
they'll probably take forever to get here.

i'm turning fourteen in a month.
i'm graduating in a few weeks.
i'm going to be a high schooler.
and i'm scared.
i'm so so so so scared it's not even funny.

the honor's society ceremony is thursday,
and i'm nervous for that too.
i'm going to be the first one on stage,
because my last name starts with A, and i'm first.

...the Grey's Anatomy finale.
i can't even explain how sad it was.
i won't spoil it, in case i do have readers. and in case you haven't seen it.
but i was crying for about 45 minutes after.
i used about half a box of tissues.
it was insane.

the One Tree Hill finale is monday.
it's going to be sad.
i'm still pissed it's coming back for another season.
i love OTH, but they just really shouldn't keep going without Chad and Hilarie.
it's going to be like the last season of the OC all over again...

i still don't know what book i'm going to review first.
maybe i'll go in alphabetical order and just review all the books i've read.
that would mean i start with Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson.
well, i bet you knew that.
i love that book.
now i'm all excited...

thanks for reading.
i love you.


(no subject)

i can't even tell you how completely amazing 'with the needle that sings in her heart' was.
it was the most brilliant piece of theatre i have ever seen in my life.
amanda palmer is the most brilliant person in the whole entire world.
i told her that last night.

usually i am completely tongue tied around her.
and last night i was.
but not as much as usual.
so it must count for something.

the play was intense, captivating, and i was bawling my eyes out at one point.
the play reminded me how much i love Neutral Milk Hotel, and how much i love Amanda Palmer.
but i knew that already. :)

i bought a shirt and a poster at the beginning.
the girl at the merch booth was wearing an Alina Simone shirt.
the same one i have.
i love Alina Simone.
she's awesome.

so, after the play, me and my mom were waiting around.
i had a feeling Amanda would come out.
but my mom had to do an over night at work, so we were about to leave.
then she stopped and was like, 'is that her?' and pointed.
and it was.

she walked to the merch booth and talked to a bunch of people.
finally, she got to me, and i felt like i was going to die.
i told her exactly how i feel.
i told her she was the greatest person in the world,
that being a teenager sucks,
and the music she writes is saving my life.

she signed my poster, to robby!
sorry, i'm just so overjoyed.
what happened after that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.
she kissed me on the cheek.
it was a sweet, little kiss.
then i walked away.
i had to put my hand on some people's shoulders to keep myself from falling over.
i thought i was going to throw up.
i thought i was going to pass out.

i just started to cry.
it was the greatest moment of my entire life.
amanda palmer is my favorite person in the whole world.
her songs are my anthems.
i told her that.

and i plan to keep telling her again,
every time i meet her.

i am so happy to be alive at the same time as someone as brilliant as her.
her lyrics are just so so so relatable.
the song thats getting me the most lately is 'will'
it's on 'a is for accident' and its just so intense.

this is my second or third blog completely about Amanda Palmer.
there will probably be a million more.
so thanks for reading it.
i hope you keep reading.


ps- i hate laptops.
i just accidentally pressed the back button and thought i lost this blog.
stupid fucker laptop.
sorry for my potty mouth.

(no subject)

tis' tuesday night.
it's almost my bedtime.
it's only nine o'clock, which shows how much of a loser i am.
i'm like an old person, going to be bed so early.
then i wake up at six and i'm a zombie instead.
so- zombie by day, old folk by night.
where's the starbucks?
i need some

i had jazz band today.
jazz band is pretty cool.
i play drums and so do two other kids.
i wasn't playing so me, my friend ben and my friend nick were dancing to a song.
it was so funny.
then i had a laughing fit and turned bright red.
and then afer jazz band i listened to Suicide Note by Johnette Napolitano.
it calmed me down.

i really like French Kiss by Sarra Manning.
Edie is a really readable narrator.
Dylan is a really dreamy guy, but of course he's an ass.
i'm going to order the two Sarra Manning books i don't have on Friday.

One Tree Hill was SO GOOD last night.
i always know an episode's good when it makes me cry.
and i cried like five times last night.
and by the end, when Brooke was crying, i was just about hyperventilating.

today, when i was laughing,
i couldn't breathe either.

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
i love amanda palmer.
i lovelovelovelovelove her.
she's sosososo amazing.
is this an obsession coming on?
i don't know.

i changed the blog title.
i have a thing with aardvarks.
they're just soooooo cute.
and then the 'mysterious misadventures' part is from this short story i wrote a long time ago.
and the 'your mom' part....well.....i have a thing with 'your mom' too.

i need to do my homework now.
so, thanks for reading.


nobody said it was easy...

it's my weekend.
i'm sitting in my kitchen on my dad's laptop watching one tree hill.
last night was depressing.
so, so, so depressing.

i rediscovered Johnette Napolitano.
she has one of the greatest voices i've ever heard.
i downloaded a cover of her performing The Scientist,
and i just broke down.
i downloaded a bunch of songs from Stereogum too.
and i just got so sad all of a sudden.

i was just thinking about my life.
i have such a great life.
great friends, a great family.
but most of the time i'm so unhappy.
and i just paste a smile on my face and act like everything's fine.
it's all the little things that get to me the most.
it's not the big picture.
it's all those little catastrophies.
and lately there's shitloads of them.

they keep playing all those insanely sad commercials on soapnet.
they played the one for the African children, and now they're playing the one for abused animals.
i feel like i need to cry again.
i am just so emotional lately.
it's obnoxious.

my susane colasanti books came in the mail.
i'm reading Sarra Manning's books now, so i'm not gonna read Susane's books for a long time,
but i'm really excited.

the Amanda Palmer play at LHS is next saturday.
i'm excited for that too.

now, i finished Pretty Things on Thursday.
it was better than Guitar Girl.
the characters were just so flawed and so mean and terrible to each other,
but i really loved the book.
the ending was sad, yet happy at the same time.
it wasn't totally resolved,
but it was a great ending.
and now i'm going to read French Kiss,
and i'm excited for that too.

i want to write more this weekend.
i'm on page 105 of Nude As The News,
and i want to get to page 120 by monday.

i think thats it.
i'll blog again later.
thanks for reading.


With The Needle That Sings In Anne Hathaway's April Vacation

time for a less depressing blog post.
i didn't blog all vacation.
and now i am.

i'm on page 90-something on the first draft of Nude As The News.
i think i may let people read it when i'm done.
i don't know when that will be, though.

i read Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning.
i've been itching to read her books for so long.
and i finally started.

i have all of them except the third Diary of A Crush book (because it's out of print) and Unsticky )because it hasn't been released in the US.
but i think i may just buy them from in a little while.
but, back to Guitar Girl.
it was SO Good!
i cried at the end, because i'm a sap.
and i sent her a tweet and she replied!
she's so awesome.
and now i'm going to read Pretty Things.

today's the last day to enter Elizabeth Scott's contest.
i always procrastinate, and then i just don't get around to it.
that's what happened this time, too.

and Sarah Dessen is having a contest,
but i'm not creative enough for that.
so, i'll just buy the book when it comes out.

i pre-ordered the Amanda Palmer book!
and i'm going to see the play she's co-writing at Lexington High School!!!
it's called 'With The Needle That Sings In Her Heart'
and i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

and i bought the Jenny Owen Youngs tickets.
they're in the mail.
SOOOO PUMPED for that too.

i finally watched Rachel Getting Married last night.
on Robin Benway's blog/twitter (i can't remember which one) she said she cried like the whole time.
i cried over and over again throughout the whole movie, like i did with Prayers for Bobby.
anne hathaway is a great actress.
and Rosemarie Dewitt is on The United States of Tara!!!
it was SOO good.
and it has kicked Sex And The City out of my third favorite movie slot.

so i listened to most of Camera Obscura's new record from clips on youtube.
i think it's their best.

ummm......what else?
i don't really know.
i have so much homework to do today.
and i'm hungry.
so i'm gonna go eat.

thanks for reading.
i love you with a passion.